A Creative Pilgrimage

A Creative Pilgrimage is a series of art pilgrimages that follow and respond to pilgrimage routes in Kent. The first was the Augustine Camino from Rochester to Ramsgate. Seven artists walked the route in small stages and responded with their art and poetry. The journey started in November 2019 and ended in 2021. The Creative Pilgrims on this journey were: Liz Garnett, Alexandra le Rossignol, Sonia McNally, Fiona Taylor, Bay Lees, Marion Lynn and Caroline Hymers.

The second pilgrimage (2022) involved creating a new pilgrimage route from Dover to Canterbury called The Way of Saint Martin. The creative pilgrims on this journey were: Liz Garnett, Alexandra le Rossignol, Sonia McNally, Marion Lynn, Annie Ross, Victoria Field, Vicky Morley, Kerry Donati and Mary Sampson.

In October 2020 the first exhibition was held to show work from the first half of the Augustine Camino. Since then we have exhibited in Chartham, Canterbury, Ramsgate and Dover and will continue to respond to pilgrimage with our art.

Going forward, we are planning more exhibitions and a new pilgrimage from 2024.

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