All the stuff I can't share online because social media censors it, bans it or it's just not appropriate / doesn't feel good to share to the general public because boundaries are healthy and sexy too. They say I know my worth. Emails will include whatever I desire to talk about and share. It could be sex tips, body love, family stuff, dealing with rejection. Frankly it will be whatever is on my heart or I feel called to share. It will be real, raw, vulnerable, straight from my heart. Sometimes my emails will be a bit (or a lot 'naughty' AKA adult content) and sometimes they might just be what's currently hurting or heavy on my heart. It will be whatever has been transformational, pivotal, an aha or frankly just real. Also, when the desires takes me I might throw in a few exclusive offers/insider info for email subscribers only. Subscribe to be added to the email list. 'Dirty.' Real. Transformation. 
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